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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What we love – high quality contemporary art for all

For the last 5 years I’ve been lucky enough to have an office at 195 Chrystie Street, one of coolest (and friendliest) buildings in New York. And it’s not just me who thinks so, New York Magazine referred to the building as “The highest concentration of design genius in the city...”

So I thought I’d open up the doors and share a little of what my fabulously innovative neighbors are up to. I’d like to start with
Art Star and it’s little sister company, Little Collector.

Founded by Chrissy Crawford Malone, Art Star was borne of the desire to make high quality contemporary art accessible to everyone. They created a place where art lovers can buy limited-edition prints and original works by some of the most gifted artists working today—all that at pretty amazing prices.  

A truly global venture, they work with the brightest curators who seek out the special artists from around the world. They collaborate with the artist to create limited edition prints, which are produced and available exclusively through Art Star.

It didn’t seem fair that one had to be a grown-up before being able to join in the fun, so they started Little Collector – a kid-friendly version of Art Star. Held up to the same rigorous standards, Little Collector ensures that your rug rats can learn about art in a super-fun way (check out their free art events and website resources) and start their own collection.

To learn more check out Art Star and Little Collector on-line. They also have a couple of up-coming events you might want to check out:

What Works - An ArtStar Pop-Up Exhibition featuring the work of six artist couples exploring the influence they have on each other.
Opening Reception: July 14, 2011 6-9 pm at 195 Chrystie Street, Suite 801B

The Children’s Museum of the Arts and Abe’s Peanut summer art workshop just for kids on Governor’s Island. LittleCollector Educational Consultant Amanda Hendricks will lead a storytelling workshop and work with artist Yukie Yasui to help children create their own postcard artworks with Abe’s Peanut.
Govenor’s Island - Saturday August 6th from 11-3 p.m.

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