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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Talent Spotlight: Laura Silverman

By now you’ve probably realized that I’m pretty excited about the talented folks that I’m lucky enough to work with at Plum Creative. So this month we’re training our “talent spotlight” on the glorious Laura Silverman.

Laura’s an incredibly talented copywriter who specializes in creating dynamic brand language for clients that range from Saks Fifth Avenue and Brooks Brothers to Interface and Lincoln Center. Now that would be enough to make this agent happy, but it doesn’t stop there. She’s also a style maven, phenomenal cook, gardener and has a home that visitors never want to leave. Thankfully, she believes that everyone should live the good life, so in 2009 she launched her fabulous blog Glutton for Life, an infinitely readable chronicle of her life upstate that focuses on what she calls “truly shameless indulgence.”

I met with Laura to get the inside track:

Your clients range from fashion and beauty to real estate and finance. How do you create a voice that’s unique and on brand for each client?
It’s not dissimilar to how a good hairstylist finds the right cut for every customer. You have to take the time to really understand what makes clients (brands) live and breathe. You try to both reflect and define their personalities to show them off to their best advantage, and then send them out into the world feeling sexy and revitalized.

A couple of years ago you moved from New York City to upstate New York. How has your new lifestyle affected your work?
My life has changed rather dramatically since trading my loft on the Bowery for a 1935 cedar-shingle cottage in Sullivan County. Being close to nature has calmed me, I shop a great deal less and my focus has really sharpened. I am much more prolific. I feel that my imagination has been set free and my creativity has blossomed, making my work richer and better than ever.

What’s a typical day?
Writing, cooking, gardening, writing, hiking, eating, reading, cooking, ballet or yoga, writing.

You’ve described living well as the best revenge. How would you describe living well?
Following your passion. Getting to do what you want on a regular basis. Eating for pleasure and health. Feeling fulfilled by your work. Expanding your mind and palate, not your waistline.

You’ve parlayed your love of cooking and living well into a blog called Glutton for Life. How did that come about?
It was sort of a natural extension of all the above, combined with a desire to share my passion and knowledge with others. And, at this point, what writer doesn’t have a blog? It’s such an accessible forum for self-publishing.

What inspires you?

Creative people, other writers and artists and cooks. Nature. My husband (filmmaker George Billard). Language; its ability to communicate and transform. A burning desire to live fully and help others do so.

What are you reading right now?

“The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet” by David Mitchell; David Chang’s new Lucky Peach magazine; The New Yorker, always; a gazillion blogs, including the new Kinfolk; and a vintage book I got as a gift called “Using Wayside Plants,” by Nelson Coon.

What’s your favorite thing to cook this summer?

Hmm…fresh mint ice cream? frozen strawberry cocktails? skillet corn bread? I’m really into easy grilled foods that bring a little smoky char and caramelization to the freshest ingredients. Simple tacos made with grilled fish, or chicken wings that I poach before throwing on the barbecue come to mind. What kicks it all up is a great salsa. Here are recipes for a few that will enhance practically anything. They’re like adjectives—just pile them on.

Glutton for Life

Photo by George Billard

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